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Namespaces and #include files

The ipo namespace

This namespace contains classes for ipo models, variables, arrrays, objectives and constraints. If you have installed ipo, usually all you will need to do to make these classes available is put the following line in your code.

The classes are all in the ipo namespace; so for example, to create an ipo model you can use
  using namespace ipo;
  Model model;
  ipo::Model model;

The ipo_function namespace

This most important class in this namespace is the Function class. An ipo:Objective or ipo:Constraint object needs a twice continuously differentiable function with a vector argument. And the functions must be supplied as objects of a subclass of Function. You need the following line in any code that declares a Function.


The ipo_function::concrete namespace

Some simple Function objects are tedious to construct individually. The classes in this namespace allow you to create sums and sums of squares of variables and also linear and quadratic combinations of variables. For example, to create a linear combination, you can use the following.

Then you can create ipo_function::concrete::LinearCombination objects as needed.

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